Winter Residence

The Winter Residence is an older brick house, inherited by Wendy Winter in 2012 from her late uncle Harry .
It is located on 144 Hoffmann Road


The residence was built in 1883 for [????] and is one of the oldest buildings in South Portland.


MartaOBrien_ReeveHouse_fro.img_assist_custom.gifThe house is a typical example of a classical italinate1 residential building with dichromatic brickwork. The white bricks form string courses (horizontal bands) and window arches that emulate stone moulding. Wooden detail are painted white and well kept by it’s owners and rebuilt in the 1950’s.

The garden is small, and unkempt.

The building has a main floor where kitchen and several main rooms are located, a second floor covering the library and bedrooms, a roof converted to bedroom and a basement.


The basesement is mostly unused, apart for some storage areas and a large oil-pan that keeps the heat during winters. The basement has several unused rooms and hasn’t been cleaned for many years, and hasn’t been renovated in almost a century.

Vi kanske kan göra något annat spännande med källaren?

Main floor

Most of the main floor was refurbished in 2005 and is in good condition (the kitchen in 2008 and the bathroom in 2006). The living room takes up most of the floor since it was opened up from two larger rooms to create a more open environment.

The kitchen is in good condition and kept clean and well stocked with [??]. It has been kept in an old style but with modern equipment. White cupboards and a black stone finish on the tables. Several pots and pans hang from the ceiling from chains.

The master bedroom is currently located on the main floor. This is where Wendy Winter lives.

Two more bedrooms can be found on this floor, currently occupied by Edward Reynolds and Doctor Carmichael.

The bathroom can be found on this floor.

Second floor

The main feature on the second floor is the large library and the connected rooms, a dinner area , xxx and xxx, rows and rows of well kept old and new books covers many of the walls. Several large leather furniture can be found, old but in remarkable condition.

A toilet can be found on this floor.

Det känns som det saknas rum på denna våning. Vad finns här tycker ni?


The main part of the roof works to store a lot of old furniture and books no longer in use by the residents.

Part of this floor have been refurbished into a combined bedroom (formerly used by the maid) and painters studio (formerly storage area). This room is kept locked at all times by it’s somewhat secluded resident, Abigail Callaghan.

A small toilet can be found on this floor (formerly used by the maid).

Current residents

1 The Italianate style, also known as the Tuscan or Bracketed style, revisited the architecture of the Italian Renaissance in America during the 1840s. Historians consider this style to be a form of the Neo-Renaissance as well as a member of the picturesque movement. It was not all too common in Portland but a few houses was build by richer immigrants. Portland has few, but well preserved locations of Italianate architecture.

Winter Residence

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