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Welcome to Wellington School for Gifted Children

When the public school system in South Portland “failed” in early 2011, many of the schools were bought out by private companies. This included Wellington, a special school that handles children who are both troubled and brilliant — the sort of kids who get so bored they cause trouble if sent to an average school. In the privatization, Edu Tech Corp fired the entire staff, disposed of the old computer systems and hired a whole new faculty and administration. They called it “restructuring.” The fired teachers called it “union busting.”

Things got weird at the school for a while. The papers reported some of the old staff wouldn’t give up their jobs. They locked themselves in the building chanting crazed profanity and had to be removed by force. The paper’s never said what they were chanting, or told their side of the story. No word of trial or resolution, they just vanished. The staff has been told to ignore the gossip, to assume the kids will make up stories. They’re “troubled,” after all, and will do anything for attention whether positive or negative. Strange behavior, including gossip, should be reported to the Administer of Public Trust, (a replacement for the plump, good-natured principal). School policy with regards to the students is very clear. Assure them everything is fine. Nothing has changed. They’re safe.

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You are all recent hires for the school, to replace staff that has been relocated to other Edu Tech Corp schools. Edu Tech Corp isn’t interested in paying for the best teachers money can hire. Rather, they’re looking to cut corners wherever possible. They’re out for profit, and so they hire anyone who can handle the basics of teaching. They call it a “focus on real world experience.” What they mean is, “if we can sneak you through a background check and you can remotely justify your experience, you’re hired.”

Wellington always focused on future careers as well as higher learning, so they have a functioning auto shop program and metal works. Retired cops may find themselves asked to teach Criminal Justice to high school students at a college level. To keep the children enthusiastic and challenged, maybe they’ve arranged for a guest instructor this semester in anthropology, world religions, paranormal studies, or other esoteric subjects.

You live in the 300 block, a residential area in which the Wellington School is one of a number of schools and have either grown up there, maybe even studied at Wellington yourself, or lived there for many years before gaining employment at Wellington School.

Wellington School

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