Tag: Teacher


  • Wilhem Marks

    Early 50s, divorcee and sailing afficionado, 1 son ([[:lucas-waters | Lucas Nevis]], estranged), ex-wife [[:mariah-nevis | Mariah Nevis]] - real estate agent. Teaches maths and economics.

  • Simon Salome

    Simon Salome, late 50s, married to [[:juliette-da-silva-salome | Juliette Da Silva-Salome]], no children. Teaches foreign languages, geography and substitutes for U.S history, U.S government and world history.

  • Abigail Callaghan

    [[File:377891 | class=media-item-align-left | 300px | abigail.jpg]] Abigail is a girl born and raised in South Portland. She is secretive about her past, and she hasn't shared a lot of her upbringing or her life before becoming a teacher. But a few …

  • Wendy Winter

    Background Wendy is a self-made woman, and has always taken pride in doing things on her own. Her parents were supportive, but un-educated, and she knew from early on that she wanted to study - and that she had to do it on her own. She was a straight-A …

  • Avery Carmichael Ph.D.

    Avery is close-lipped on his pre-university life and is soon to steer the conversation away from such topics. He received a boxing scholarship to attend Penn State, and there he fell in love with the academics of history. Soon to excel, he immersed …