Wendy Winter

Overqualified biology teacher



Wendy is a self-made woman, and has always taken pride in doing things on her own. Her parents were supportive, but un-educated, and she knew from early on that she wanted to study – and that she had to do it on her own. She was a straight-A student and had no trouble getting in to the university she liked. She got a degree in biology and landed a fairly well paid job as a lab assistant at a company in Portland – Imotech Laboratories Ltd., a biotech company. A few years in she got promoted to a Research Associate. She liked the job and had her sights set on advancing further, but the environment was fiercely competitive, and she decided to quit.
She took a job as an overqualified biology teacher at The Wellington School instead. The pay wasn’t as good, but she at least felt she had a chance at making a difference for those students who were interested in the pursuit of knowledge. The pay cut also meant she no longer could afford the upkeep and bills of her large red brick home, and that’s when she decided to look for tenants. Currently there are three; Abigail Callaghan, Edward Reynolds and Avery Carmichael, whom all work at Wellington School.


As a teacher her students consider Wendy stern but fair. They know that if they do the work and try their hardest Wendy will have no issue, but if they fail to reach their potential, whatever that may be, she will soon loose interest. Her reasoning is that she can only help and educate those who want to be helped and educated.

As a tenant Wendy isn’t as strict. She has rules, like no smoking indoors and expect everyone to do their part, but other than that she doesn’t meddle in anyone’s lives and expect no-one to meddle in hers. She likes to be independent but also enjoys having other people in the house, and as long as people respect her rules and don’t mess with her things, she is quite friendly. However, she is not fond of talking about her past career, and doesn’t like being asked questions like why she never got married or had kids.

She is an organized person who likes things to be in their place; she has the books in her library meticulously alphabetized and arranged in sections according to genre.
Wendy also has an everyday routine that she typically follows. She wakes every morning at 6 (if its Monday, Wednesday of Friday she takes a shower), gets dressed and then head in to the kitchen to have her morning cup of tea and some breakfast; one slice of bread and a boiled egg. She reads the morning paper and heads to school, where she typically arrives at 7:30-7:45. Depending on her classes she is home again between 5 and 6 pm. She will either prepare dinner by herself or with her tenants, and usually spends the evening in her library either reading or catching up with busywork from school.

Wendy Winter

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