Rage against the God-Machine

Wendy's notes

Utdrag ur Wendys anteckningsbok, 27-29 Augusti.

Terrible night, not much sleep. Crushing headache today. Decided to go to work non the less.
Probably wouldn’t have if the school hadn’t put us under pressure, appealing to our “professionalism”.
The students had heard – of course. Decided to tell them as little as possible.
Home around 5. Tried to talk to the others, but they seem to want their own space. I’ll respect that, even though I am worried.

Workday today. Not quite back to normal. Lots of rumors among the students, I try not to get too involved. It’s really
not my place. The administration can handle that – am sure they won’t.
The house feels like its haunted – the others are mostly silent, the only thing you hear is the floorboards creaking and the water in the pipes when someone uses the shower. At least I have my books – and Lloyd to keep me company.
Avery still hasn’t come home. I’m sure there is a reasonable explanation though…

Glad this workweek is over. The students seem to have realized that I wont talk to them about what’s happened.
It’s better if they focus on their studies anyways.
Home now. Went to the store right after school to buy some things for dinner. Thought maybe we could finally talk about this.
Dinner’s almost ready, not sure the others will join me.


andreas_hollmer Saraa

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