Abigail's thoughts of others

Player characters

Wendy Winter
“She’s like the combination of a strict teacher, an old friend and a mother. I like Wendy.”

Edward Reynolds
“Edward manages to do what I never could. Live a simple life and enjoy it. I envy him.”

Avery Carmichael Ph.D.
“Don’t know much about him yet. Outspoken and nice, but a bit stuck-up. I need to get to know him better…”

Allies, friends and contacts

Moses Sullivan
“Energetic, passionate and extremely nerdy. Care-free. The closest I’ve come to a friend in a long time. Still… I don’t trust him completely. "

Old Lady Archambault
“What a lovely old lady… I need to try to help her a bit more.”

Sam Rotschild
“Oh… my god…. this guy. He went in my room. If I ever see him again…”

Collegues and students

Phoebe Allard
“The queen bee. She knows a lot more than she shows, and she remembers everything. I must remember to smile and keep her happy. She’s responsible for my pay after all.”

Christine Hayden
“Ambitious and optimistic. Carries deeper wounds than people can see. "

Abigail's thoughts of others

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