Abigail's degrees and skills


  • Bachelor’s degree Fine Art from the University of Southern Maine Expression •••, Crafts •••, Academics ••, Computer •, Investigation •

Certified for K12 coursework:

  • Visual arts (basic) Crafts •
    (Basic art foundation, Life drawing, Ceramics, Multimedia art, Painting and color mixing)
  • Visual arts (advanced) Crafts ••
    (Advanced art techniques, Graphic Design, Concept Art, Oil Painting, Modern art techniques, Functions and practice in art theory, Advanced drawing techniques)
  • Performing arts (basic) Expression •
    (Basic acting techniques, Stage acting, Improv)
  • History of arts (basic) Academics •
    (Contemporary theories of art, Art and cultural awareness, History of arts, Notable artists from history)
  • History of music (basic) Academics •
    (Contemporary theories of music, Music and cultural significance, History of music, Notable musicians from history)
  • History of literature (basic) Academics •
    (Prose, Poetry, Historically significant periods, World authors, American authors)
  • Philosophy Academics •
    (Logic, Ancient Philosophy, Modern Philosophy, Morality, Epistemology )
  • Creative Arts (extracurricular activity) Expression •
    (Expression in arts)

Non-certified coursework: (in case of illness of regular teachers)

  • Music (basic only) Expression •
  • History (basic only) Academics •
  • Critical Thinking and research (extracurricular activity) Investigation •
  • Sewing (extracurricular activity) Crafts •

Notable university courses:

  • Teaching arts to children with special needs
  • Art in therapy
  • Effective teaching practices
  • Curriculum and instruction for high school-aged students
  • Educational leadership
  • Psychology of education
  • Personal health

Abigail's degrees and skills

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