Marvin "Marv" Seymore

Marvin is a 29 year old security guard at Wellington School.


Marvin is a college dropout with rather low life ambitions in the eyes of others.
After a few years of flipping burgers at the local burger place Marv finally managed to get a job as a mall security. Unlike the rest of humanity Marv believs himself being highly ambitious and at the same time seeing himself as a “ladies man” Marv decided to find a better place to pick up girls. Wellington School was taken into consideration by Marv.
Wellington would not have picked Marv but after being sold and a need for cheap security labour arised Marv was suddenly being seen as a prime target. Marvs paygrade is considered being at the absolute lowest after a mediocre performance at the mall combined with not a few complaints of sexual harassment from shoppers.


Marvin "Marv" Seymore

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