Old Lady Archambault

A nice old lady with a nasty bite


Martha Archambault is a probably the oldest resident of the 300 block. A tender old lady with a tendency for cooking, smiling at her neighbours and sharing stories from her considerable life. She comes from a time when the 300 block was still an upper class neighbourhood. Martha has lived through two wars, one depression, most of her relatives and god knows what else. But she tries to keep her spirits up and loves to share, cook and talk to neighbours. Several people from the local home-owners association and neighbours has taken it upon themselves to help her out from time to time. She sends thanks with her famous raspberry pie or some old whisky kept in her basement by her late husband.

She keeps a large shooter of an unknown model behind her porch, and she sais she keeps it to “keep the creepers out”. Whatever she means by that, there aren’t many gangers, preachers or sales-people trying to sneak up on the old lady any more. The old lady has seen a lot, and knows to protect herself.


Old Lady Archambault

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