Edward Reynolds

Edward is a 38 year old former pro athlete now serving as a campus security guard.


“If you would be able to ask a stone about it’s purpose in life the answer would be simple.
It is to be a stone.
It is a simple being yet sometimes complicated.It emits the safety of a thing with absolute confidence in
itself and it’s supreme abilities when it comes to being a stone.
You can have faith in that the stone will always do it’s best in being a stone.
You can trust it at all times.”


Easy-going is a keyword when it comes to describing the personality of Edward. Someone who just met him for the first time would after a few minues use words such as ‘Trustworthy’, ‘Uncomplicated’ and ‘Friendly’.


Standing at about six feet tall Edward is a little bit taller than the average american. Years of physical excericise has given him a physically fit body that gives additional leverage in any tense situation. An observer would not mention those two abilties when asked what first comes to mind, instead the prominent jaw would fixate the mind of an theoretical observer.
Given these facts Edward can easily be considered handsome in the eyes of the proper observer, perhaps in a somewhat rough manner.


Born in the town of Portsmouth as the oldest son in a family of three children. One younger brother and sister named Ricky and Sarah made a geniune childhood together with loving parents that laid the foundation to a very american view with the values of the american core family.
In his teens he was accepted to the Southern Maine Community College and with him he took a burning interest in baseball already brought onto him by his father. Making a name for himself in the college team he soon found himself joining the Portland Sea Dogs.

An exceptional batter and above-average runner made him famous in his early 20’s and the fame kept rising until the age of 27. During a standard game an unlucky collision with a catcher resulted in a serious knee injury and after a surgery gone bad the career had come to a sudden end.
After two years of rehabilitation the savings account had run dry and alot of former friends had suddenly stopped being so friendly when the money was gone.

Having few other choices Edward had to look for a job. The question is what job can a former athlete without higher eduation get? The answer for Edward was found in the security business.

Edward Reynolds

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