Avery Carmichael Ph.D.

Historian with a history


Avery looks older than he really is, if this is because of his habit of smoking pipe or just the way he dresses and carries himself is uncertain.
His build can be described as average for a man of his age, and from the looks of it, he cares to keep himself clean and tidy. His blonde hair is combed orderly and his face is clean shaved and he is rarely seen in anything but tweed or corduroy suits with suede patches to reinforce the elbows of the sleeves.
In his blue eyes there is a keen wittiness lurking under the heavyset eyelids, and as he speaks he does so in a balanced, melodic tone of voice, trained over the years to modulate and pitch perfectly to fortify what he has to say.


Avery is close-lipped on his pre-university life and is soon to steer the conversation away from such topics.
He received a boxing scholarship to attend Penn State, and there he fell in love with the academics of history. Soon to excel, he immersed himself in hours of studies and soon the boxing was merely a pastime as he entered grad-school and had his sights set on a doctorate.

Avery Carmichael Ph.D.

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