Rage against the God-Machine


A new year

Monday 25 August 2014, morning

Today is a good day!

I can feel it. There really is three days of work that I like the most… the first, the last… and halloween. And this is the first day. All in all it’s not really an exiting day, but the feeling of getting to try all those ideas you thought of last semester… I love it. It’s a new year, and I’m getting a new class of freshmen. I read up on some of them, nothing really sticking out, but I think they will be good. This year I’m going to test a new intro, I think they’ll like it!

I can hear Ms Winters downstairs, I’m thinking she’s having trouble sleeping with the new house guest not settled yet. She always does get worried when there is a lot of quick changes in a short time.

Hand-Drawn-Doodle-Flower-Png.pngI gotta go now. I’ve planned this breakfast for days, I hope they appreciate it.

I think I’ll write some more tonight. You know I usually don’t write twice a day. But today.. I wan’t to remember after this how today turned out.

See you tonight.


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